Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug gotcha

A few weeks ago I found a gem of a class called Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug within Zend Framework. It really is
a must have when it comes to debug logging.

However, a few weeks ago something bizarre happened that caused all of my FirePHP logging to break. I scoured the
web for bug reports to find issues similar but not quite the same. I wasn’t using AJAX calls, and I could see the
FirePHP headers in the response headers of FireBug, but I couldn’t see the formatted output.

I finally got fed up today. I hate var_dump’s and wanted my FirePHP logging back. After a near flying knee to my
computer screen, I figured it out.

It appears that I was using FirePHP v0.1.2, and the latest was 0.2. For reasons beyond my knowledge, Firefox
wasn’t detecting this as needing an upgrade.

After upgrading to 0.2 my FirePHP log messages worked again! I hope this shaves a few days of someone’s

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