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bundle-phu – minify, bundle, and compress your js/css in Zend Framework

I’ve used a few different CSS/JS bundlers, but none have ever fulfilled all that I needed. Specifically, I wanted one that could do all of the following: Bundle automatically with little configuration Optionally minify Optionally compress Allow the bundled files to be served directly by the webserver, instead of by PHP. Easily allow files to […]

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Simple Nagios Probes in Ruby

I needed to write a custom nagios probe a few weeks ago. I googled for existing solutions in Ruby, but surprisingly found none. A nagios probe can really be written in any language, it just has to return a single line of output and an exit code of 0 (OK), 1 (WARNING), 2 (CRITICAL), or […]

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Moving to Jekyll & Disqus

I moved my blog to GitHub Pages today. I’ve decided to stop tinkering with new blog software every few months. I’ve gone from LiveJournal to Typo to Mephisto to WordPress to Chyrp; it was fun while it lasted. While I enjoy the tinkering, it’s a time-sink, and I have never really enjoyed the post creation […]

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