Moving to Jekyll & Disqus

I moved my blog to GitHub Pages today. I’ve decided to stop tinkering with new blog software every few months.
I’ve gone from LiveJournal to Typo to Mephisto to WordPress to Chyrp; it was fun while it

While I enjoy the tinkering, it’s a time-sink, and I have never really enjoyed the post creation methods offered
by any of them. With GitHub Pages I can just type my post in Markdown or Textile and ‘git push’ it to my repository.
The conversion is done using Jekyll and then served statically. Losing native comment functionality is a side
effect of having a static site, but I discovered a service called Disqus in the process of doing this, which
seems to be just what I need.

It should be noted that I’m a terrible designer, and I’ve shamelessly used templates for my other blogs. However,
with this I’m starting from scratch using a CSS framework called Blueprint. I’ve never used it before, but
so far it seems extremely simple, and it doesn’t look like ass out of the box.

We’ll see, but I’m hoping this will serve as an impetus to posting more often. Perhaps I should take notes when I
have a good idea for a post? I tend to just forget.

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